Copenhagen Twestival 2011
Thursday, 24 March 2011
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Copenhagen Twestival 2011
Program for Copenhagen Twestival
23 March 2011


We know we said that we'd have a program ready for you all "soon".

We lied about that (sorry!), but it's ready now and that's great news!

17:00: Doors open and 2tru is playing a warmup DJ set.
18:00: Vegetarian lentil stew outside KB 18. Pay what you want from 30 kr. and up!
19:30: Welcome to Copenhagen Twestival 2011

20:30: Panamah live set

22:00: DJ Hvad (formerly known as Kid Kishore/Trentemøller/Albertslund Terror Korps)

22:30: Lottery

23:00: The Freudian Slip live set
23:30: Waqar DJ set

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Welcome to the planning phase of Copenhagen Twestival
24 February 2011

 (We're writing this in English to make sure everybody interested in Copenhagen Twestival will be able to read it.)

Welcome to the the planning phase of Copenhagen Twestival!

We've been working hard, albeit slightly under the radar, with the planning. It's the fourth time we're doing Twestival and our expectations obviously match the results we've seen during the previous events. So, here's a rundown of what we're thinking will happen this year:

  • We will support BørneCancerFonden (Child Cancer Foundation) again. They're doing some really amazing work and we chose them as the recipient without any concerns at tall—we know they'll put the money we give them to good use.
  • So, what is "good use" then? We have a goal of making a profit of kr. 100.000,- (we barely made it last time with kr. 94.000,-), and for that amount of money, BørneCancerFonden will be able to send approx. 25 kids on a summer camp.
  • We are aiming at announcing one great presentation and one or two musical acts. To us, the combination of both something factual and entertaining is what makes a real Twestival night.
  • We will have a lottery again, but with a few changes. The prizes we're aiming at announcing will be of substantial value, so there will be fewer than the last times. We'll make sure the quality makes up for the quantity.

We're still looking for a venue, but growing to approx. 400 attendees is a slight problem when you don't want to pay too much either. We'll keep pushing and have a range of great leads out—we'll keep you posted.

If you want to help us in the planning phase, we are always interested in hearing from people that can help with the following:

  • Monetary sponsorships
  • Prize sponsorships
  • Helping out during the event

If you think you've got just the thing we need, get in touch with Kristoffer at

Until next time, keep an eye on our Twitter-profile at @cphtwestival for more information and announcements.

—The Copenhagen Twestival team.

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